Body of Missing Pelly Man Found

RCMP have found the remains of a missing Pelly Crossing man.
Police located Richard Hager Jr. Monday afternoon in the Pelly River, one kilometre downstream from the Pelly River Bridge.
It is believed that Hager drowned.
The 21-year old jumped off the bridge on July 19th to cool off on a hot day, and failed to make it back to shore.
RCMP will assist the Yukon Coroners Services with the investigation.
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Hunters Fined In Yukon Court

Two men were slapped with hefty fines for illegal hunting trips in Yukon over the span of five years.
A former resident has to pay $31,500 for illegally guiding non-residents in four hunting trips from 2006 to 2011.
He faced multiple charges from the Wildlife Act after taking unlicensed non-residents to hunt for sheep with his own licence, and used a special licence to take people hunting for caribou, moose and grizzly bear in exchange for money.
He can not hunt for 20 years or until the fines are paid off.
A second individual from Alberta was fined $15,000 for taking part in two of the trips and has to give back his Dall and Stone sheep trophies and can't hunt in Yukon for...
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Bid To Overturn LNG Project Denied

A Yukon Supreme Court Justice is ruling a Whitehorse man's request for a Yukon Utilities Board decision on Yukon Energy's LNG conversion project be thrown out doesn't have merit.
In a written decision, Justice Ron Veale says a petition by Skeeter Wright is dismissed, as Wright did not have standing with the Board during the project's approval process.
Wright argued the Board erred in its decision not to accept two graphs purporting to represent the historical price of natural gas in relation to diesel as an aid to cross-examination during a public hearing in early April.
Veale says Wright didn't apply to have standing with the Utilities Board, and become a party to the process.
He writes, those...
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Rural Yukon 911 Service Moves Forward

It's another step toward interim 911 service in rural Yukon.
The Yukon government is submitting their application to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission to set up an auto-select 911 service run by Northwestel.
Community Services Minister Brad Cathers said YTG couldn't apply until they had given assurances , the territory was moving toward a full 911 dispatch system within 16 to 24 months.
The interim service would have those who dialed 911 be prompted with a 1, 2 or 3 message for police, fire and ambulance, and would cost 20-thousand dollars per year.
Cathers expects the CRTC to take up to four months to approve the proposal.
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