Jan Stick Suspects Whistleblowers Will Come Forward

Jan Stick says the devil's in the details when it comes to the Yukon Government's proposed whistleblower legislation.
The NDP MLA for Riverdale South says she's had a brief glance at Bill 75, which was introduced Thursday afternoon, and is pleased to see legislation for those who want to report government wrongdoing come forward.
This week, the opposition wondered if potential legislation would protect workers from reprisal, and Stick says from what she can see there is a clause in the bill, but it will need further examination.
Stick suspects there may be some government workers come forward with wrongdoing after the bill takes effect next year.
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Ryan Leef Agrees With Harpers Tax Plan

Yukon's MP says the tax plan for families introduced by the Prime Minister is something he campaigned on during the 2011 election.
Ryan Leef says Thursday's announcement will provide flexibility for families with their tax returns in all tax brackets.
The plan features income splitting, and boosting the universal child care benefit to 160 dollars a month for kids under six, up from 100 dollars.

There will be a new monthly benefit of 60 for children aged six through 17, effective in 2015, and parents can also claim an extra one-thousand dollars per year on daycare.
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CAFN To Swear In New Chief And Council

The Champagne and Aishihik First Nation in Haines Junction are hosting a Potlatch Saturday to swear in their new Chief and Council.
The event takes place at the Da Ku Cultural Centre beginning with an Oath to Office ceremony, and a feast afterwards.
Steve Smith will be sworn in as new Chief, with Leslie Walker as the only returing council member.
New councillors are Rose Kushniruk, Shadelle Chambers, and Kathleen VanBibber, with Carol Buzzell as new Elder Councillor and Nicole Nicholas-Workman will take the role of Youth Councillor.
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