Yukon Energy LNG Project Moves Forward

A Yukon Energy project in Whitehorse to replace older backup diesel generators with L-N-G units is set to see some major components installed.

The corporation's Janet Patterson says a building to house all the electrical is now in place, and the 50-metric ton fuel tanks, and engines will be install over the next week.
Patterson says they've received some calls about how the $41-million dollar project will look when completed.
She says it is a bit of a mess right now as construction is ongoing, but once that's finished, privacy fencing will be installed, and landscaping will take place to make the site more esthetically pleasing.
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YTG Changes Child Fitness Tax Credit

An increase to a tax credit shows Yukon is keeping active.
The Yukon Government is increasing the Yukon Child Fitness Tax Credit from $500 to a $1000 for the 2014 income tax year.
The credit supports kids participating in sports and other recreational programs.
Credits from around 28-hundred children and 16-hundred families are claimed each year.
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