Whitehorse Man Sentenced For N.B. Crime

A 65-year old Whitehorse man is being sentenced on sexual assault charges which stemmed from an incident in New Brunswick in the 1970's.
Allan Fredrick Johnson pleaded guilty, and was handed a 16-month jail term for the assault on his then teenage foster daughter.
In his sentencing report, Judge Peter Chisholm writes the victim came forward to report the incident in 2012, which resulted in New Brunswick authorities launching their investigation, and tracking Johnson to Whitehorse.
The victim had a daughter at the age of 16, and Johnson, who was 27 at the time of the assault, and married with two young children, took a D-N-A test which proved the child was his.
Judge Chisholm says Johnson has taken...
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'Don't Drink And Drive,' Reminds Whitehorse RCMP

Whitehorse RCMP is reminding the public not to drink and drive this holiday season.

Corporal Shawn Pollard said they do catch more people during check stops this time of year.

“It certainly does ramp up a little bit this time of year,” he said. “We try to be on the road as much as we can.”

Pollard added that there have been checkstops every weekend since the beginning of December and some during the week.

He reminds that if you get caught, there are a lot of consequences including a criminal record, fine and driving prohibitions.  

According to Pollard, on average RCMP probably catch three or four people a week in Whitehorse.

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New Culinary Program At Yukon College

Starting in January, Yukon College will be offering a new Skills for Employment in Culinary Arts program.

The 15 credit program runs from January 5th  to March 31st.

Manager of Food Services and coordinator for the Culinary Arts program Gene Batton said it will be a good program to introduce people to the basics of cooking.

“Especially for those that are thinking about pursuing the career it’s going to introduce them into it,” he said, “and expose them to this world of cooking.”

Batton added that things like the Food Network really help pique peoples interest in cooking.

The college already offers a one-year culinary arts certificate program, which is one of their more popular programs.

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Government Questioned on Northern Housing Trust

Yukon's Liberals want to know where the rest of the Northern Housing Trust is going.

During the last question period of the fall sitting on Thursday, Liberal leader Sandy Silver wondered why the government was spending money on energy efficiency in homes, when the $17.5 million fund was earmarked for affordable housing in 2006.

Silver brought forward a suggestion as to where the government could spend the money.


"The Dawson daycare has completed a feasibility study for a new building. It would include affordbale housing units for staff who are not highly paid,” said Silver. “The plan would, as they say, kill two birds with one stone.”

Instead of providing energy efficient windows for everyone, Silver said the government...

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Golf Club Deal Still Debated In Question Period

Yukon's NDP continue to press the Yukon Party Government over a 2011 land deal involving the Mountainview Golf Club
During the final question period of the fall session Thursday, Opposition Critic Jim Tredger asked the government why it wasn't being transparent and accountable with the 750,000$ deal to purchase leased land from the golf club.
Community Services Minister Brad Cathers said if the current government was in power at the time, and had done the deal they would have put out a press release.
Cathers also said while he feels it isn't necessary, the government would allow the auditor general to investigate the deal, and points out the matter has been cleared by the conflicts commissioner.
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