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University Of Calgary research program set to visit Yukon; Studying corridors and transportation

The School of Public Policy is looking for input from northerners. Photo provided by the University of Calgary.

Researchers from UofC are going to be visiting Whitehorse to discuss ways that transportation corridors can be improved in the north.

A research program based out of the University of Calgary is coming to the Yukon later this month to hear what territorial residents think about improving transportation corridors.

Doctor Kent Fellows, lead researcher on the program, told The Rush on Friday about this research program.

"So this is the idea that you can set up transportation corridors for different modes of transportation. So whether it's a road or maybe a pipeline for water, or energy, electricity, transmission lines, telecommunications lines, that kind of thing."

Fellows adds that there's more than just a Canadian perspective on the matter.

"We can motivate more investment in transportation and trade infrastructure to improve that connectivity, to improve the quality of life for everyone in Canada, not just northern benefits, but southern benefits as well, you know, people in southern Canada can benefit from trade with Northern Canada the same way we benefit from trade with the United States or other trade partners or with other provinces."

"We really haven't done much of this development in northern Canada. And there are lots of potential economic and social benefits to connectivity," Fellows said.

His group is inviting people to the Yukon Inn in Whitehorse on Aug. 29 from 6 - 9 pm to talk about the concept, with the dialogue set to help drive the decision-making about the Corridor Concept and future research led by the School of Public Policy. 

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