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Contest Rules and Terms

Contest Rules & Terms

To be eligible, -21°C reading must display on a thermometer where you are. (This means different communities or areas of town might be able to qualify on different days.) Please note that screenshots of a weather app, or current temperatures broadcast on air, displayed on a website, or included in the weather forecast, etc. don’t count!

Contest Dates:
November 2, 2020 until February 26, 2021
Winner announced March 5, 2021


All CKRW’s regular Contest Terms and Conditions apply, with the addition of the following:  

For contest purposes, Celsius (not Fahrenheit) applies. Contest qualifying is only on weekdays and only before 8:00am. Contest play will not happen November 11, December 25 & 28, January 1, or any other days that the weekday morning show is not live. Callers must get through to the show host and provide requested info for step 1 of qualifying to be considered complete. Step 2, submitting photo clearly displaying current temperature of -21°C, must also be completed. Only the first 20 entrants qualify each day. Photos must be submitted through the contest page on same day as call, and be submitted under the same name as given to morning show host. Submitted photos may be used on CKRW’s website and social media. Community or area of town (e.g. Mount Lorne) may be included, but full physical address will not be shared to social media or website. On thermometers that measure fractions of a degree (e.g. -21.2°), temperature reading must display exactly -20 to be eligible. For example, -21.2° or -20.9° would not be eligible. Prizes have no monetary value and are not eligible for exchange. Photos must be taken within the Yukon. Minimum age 18 to enter.

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