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Teslin Heritage Centre

Fun Fact
Visitors to the Heritage Centre are greeted by five traditional Clan poles representing the five Clans in which Teslin Tlingit Council society remains firmly rooted: Kùkhhittàn (Raven Children), Ishkìtàn (Frog), Yanyèdi (Wolf), Dèshitàn (Beaver), and Dakhł΄awèdi (Eagle).

Find It
The Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre is in a spectacular setting on Teslin Lake, five kilometres north of the Village of Teslin. The Clan poles at the Heritage Centre hold cultural significance. Please be respectful.

Upload a picture of yourself standing by the five Clan poles and make sure to hold the “CKRW 50 Years” sign and a date the photo was taken.

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