Eagle Cam Done For 2014

Yukon Electrical's Eagle Cam on the Millennium Trail in Whitehorse has been turned off for this year.

The camera was fired up on February 20th, as there was some activity in the nest from the two resident eagles.

However, Yukon Electrical's Laura Carlson says there hasn't been any activity for the past three weeks, as the eagles have built a new home across the road, and are incubating one egg.

Carlson says there likely won't be any other eagles in the nest, as the birds are territorial.

She says upgrades are planned to the camera over the summer, and the company will continue with eagle education programs.

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Dawson Hunter Fined Part Two

A Dawson City Hunter will have to pay a fine, and take an awareness course after pleading guilty to charges under the Wildlife Act.

The hunter was charged with hunting by aircraft, waste of meat, using a vehicle to transport wildlife
in a closed game management subzone, and providing false information in connection with an incident near Haines Junction in November of 2011 involving a bison.

The man pled guilty this week, and was handed a seven-thousand dollar fine.

He is prohibited from hunting, being armed while in the field, and can't accompany anyone else who is hunting for the next five years.

The man was also ordered to take a hunter education course.

A similar sentence was imposed on another Dawson hunter...

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Expectant Parents Travel Expenses Questioned

The Yukon's official opposition wants to know why families who choose to use midwives are not having their travel costs to Whitehorse covered by the government, as families who choose hospital births would be.

NDP health critic Jan Stick raised one recent case in the legislature Wednesday, about one couple who traveled to Whitehorse for a birth but chose to use a midwife.

She says their costs were not reimbursed, however, families who use the hospital for births do have their travel costs covered.

Health Minister Doug Graham says the case in question is under review.

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