Yukon Jobless Numbers

Yukon's Unemployment rate remains unchanged.
The rate for June was 3.9 percent, but down by a full percentage point from June of 2013.
There were a total of 800 unemployed in the territory.
The workforce was at 20-thousand 600, which is up by 100 from May, and up by 200 from June of last year.
Nationally, unemployment rose one-tenth of a point to 7.1 per cent.
That's the highest since December.
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Whitehorse Liquor Collapse

Officials with the Yukon Liquor Corporation say they have brought in a structural engineer to check out the shelving units at their Whitehorse Liquor Store after a collapse.
One shelving unit holding scotch, gin, and other liquor gave way last week, causing about $20,000 worth of destroyed booze.
The collapse happened during the overnight hours, so there were no injuries.
Once employees discovered the mess the next day, they had most of it cleaned up before the store opened.
Employees have also removed all liquor from similar shelves, and replaced the units with newer models.
The corporation says insurance will cover the cost of the lost booze.
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Peel Land-Use Lawyers Speaking Out

Both lawyers involved in this week's Peel Land Use case in Yukon Supreme Court are speaking out.
Plaintiff's Lawyer Thomas Berger said he was surprised by the government side's harsh criticism of the Peel planning commission during this week's proceedings.
Yukon government lawyer John Hunter said criticism of the Commission's plan is not the same thing as an attack.
Berger has asked the court to affirm the integrity of the Commission and the Umbrella Final Agreement by approving the Final Recommended Plan.
YTG maintains it has the authority to approve its own 2014 plan.
The judge's decision could be months away.
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