YTG and City to tackle recycling issue

The Yukon Government says it is working with the City of Whitehorse to come up with long-term solutions for recycling in the city.
Raven Recycling announced this week, it would no longer accept non-refundable material, and is requesting the government more than double its diversion rate from 150 dollars per tonne to 330.
Community Services Minister Brad Cathers says a potential increase in the number of refundable material accepted is part of the changes being considered to the recycling system.
Cathers adds Raven's request also includes an ask of 80-thousand dollars in cash, and follows up on a request from both Raven, and P and M Recycling last year for Y-T-G to match the City's diversion rate of 75-dollars per...
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Man running to support Peel Watershed continues

One of the Peel Watersheds biggest advocates is back in Whitehorse.
Brad Firth, also known as Caribou Legs is resting in the capital city before he'll head out in two weeks to run 300KM's from Junction 37 to Fort Liard to speak to students about the Peel.
Firth says he hopes these runs create more awareness for his cause.
He says he'll be back in Whitehorse soon to train for some upcoming runs, including one cross country that will take him from Vancouver to Ottawa in May.
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