Haines Junction Shooter Agrees To 11 And A Half Years

There's been a joint submission by the crown and defense in the sentencing hearing for a Whitehorse man who was convicted in a store theft and shooting of a police officer in September of 2011.
33-year old Chris Cornell has agreed to a plea bargain of 11 and a half years for his part in the robbery of the general store in Haines Junction, and subsequent police chase.
Cornell was convicted by a jury last year of two counts of attempted murder, and on other charges including assault with a weapon, and robbery.
With credit for time served, he'll have a further eight years behind bars.
Cornell's lawyer also agreed he would be designated as a long-term offender, meaning he would be supervised after his...
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Salvation Army Expansion To Be Paid By Northern Housing Trust Fund

The Yukon Government is dipping into its Northern Housing Trust Fund to pay for a three-million dollar expansion of the Salvation Army, as well as a transitional housing project in Whitehorse.
The Government says discussions with the Salvation Army are continuing regarding planning and project development.
The fund, which was allocated to the territorial government in 2006 for affordable housing, now sits at 8.6-million dollars.
The Northern Housing Trust has drawn the ire of the opposition, and non-government organizations for the lack of spending on affordable housing, however, the government says it's spend over 100-million dollars on housing since...
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Chief And Council Candidates For Vuntut Gwitchin Released

With longtime Chief Joe Linklater not running for his position again, the Vuntut Gwitchen have released the names of the three candidates to succeed him.
Roger Kyikavichik, Gladys Netro, and Esau Schafer are all in the running for Chief of the Vuntut Gwitchen First Nation.
Meantime there's also Council positions up for election, with Stanley Njootli Sr., Peter Frost and Marla Charlie looking to become new council members, and Bonnee Bingham and Paul Josie looking to retain their positions for another term.
Vuntut Gwitchen ctizens go to the polls November 17th.
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A Look At Recycling In Kamloops

With lots of talk around Whitehorse about the future of recycling, the RUSH reached out to a city who has been running a successful curbside recycling program for years--the City of Kamloops.
Environmental Services Manager Glen Farrow says Kamloops revamped their program starting in 2006, with the City mandating each household have a blue cart to roll out to the curbside during garbage pickup.
He says the convenience of curbside pick up made participation in the program in high-demand.
Farrow says the City had to buy all new trucks that could pick up both garbage and recycling at the same time.
He says the federal government picked up most of the conversion cost, and the system runs as a user-pay, with...
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